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The 5 Best TracFone Smartphones

TracFone offers phone sets as well and today I am bringing you the Best TracFone Smartphones you can buy right now. Let me tell you a secret, they are cheap. I found it to be one of a kind company that is so forthcoming and transparent when it comes to billing.

If you want to take control of your phone bill and keep a check on what you are actually paying the carrier company you need to get a package and most definitely a phone from TracFone.

Whenever it is bill time, I hold my head and I keep staring at my phone bill wondering what happened. Sure, the fixed monthly packages are awesome but how many times you wonder if you are using as much as you are paying. I for one would love to see some numbers, numbers that make sense. Numbers that justify themselves. That’s where TracFone excels, they tell you everything. You are in charge and you are in control.

But before you select the TracFone Phone, you need to see a few things in it and I have listed them all in my review.

You can find the reviews of the top 5 Best TracFone Smartphones, I researched for you.

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Editor’s note: We will continually update the list of best Tracfone smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7We are all familiar with how well the Samsung phones work and what their demand in the market is, they are one of the best-selling phone companies in the market with especially the S and A series bringing you some of the best cellphones towards the high-end range. They come with so many rich features every year and bring a new standard to the market with them for the competitors.

The Samsung Galaxy S7, even though a few years old, is one of the best phones Samsung has ever made. It came with so many new and attractive features in such an affordable price range that it had people loving it. It may not be as new as the new Flagship phones but it is still so rich in features that for this price, it’s your best pick!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs:

It has an amazingly large display of 5.1-inch, which gives you a high-quality HD experience of all your favorite shows and videos. It features a Quad HD+ (2,560 x 1,440) resolution, which makes the color contrast and pixel density so rich, you love the screen for everything it shows. The glass back is fragile and has to be used with care but you can always get a back case, it even allows for wireless charging which is so hassle-free and you do not have to worry about taking your wired chargers everywhere and worrying about sockets to fit them in.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The phone supports Samsung Pay and Google Pay, which makes your payments as easy as a touch. It also comes along with a fast charging-capable 3,000mAh battery, the fast charging allows for your phone to be charged faster on a fast-charging cable and the high capacity battery is still one that many new phones may not have (if you know what we mean).

It is one of the most feature-packed phones to ever come out. It has a microSD availability of up to 256 GB which is a very high storage capacity for a cellphone. It comes with 4GB RAM, which is great even for a lot of phones released recently, it is fast, it works on your fingertips like magic.

The rear camera is 12 MP and the front-facing camera makes your selfies look great with 5 MP. It comes in storage capacities of 32 GB and 64 GB, both of which are more than enough for anyone with optimum file storage.

The android software is upgradeable, so you can stay in touch with the new features coming your way.

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Samsung Galaxy A10e

Samsung Galaxy A10e

Another Samsung phone on the list because Samsung has one of the best-selling phones in the market like we already mentioned.

The A-series, just like the S series is packed with so many new features and the price is so affordable that anyone who wants to get a great phone with lots of new features on a budget goes for the A-series.

We have already said so much bout why Samsung gives you the best phones in the Android market that by now, you shouldn’t have to consider giving it a second thought.

I mean, come on, would you look at this next phone in line? You can get this phone unlocked for $180, but Tracfone offers it for $20 less, you also get your minutes, data, and texts additionally.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Specs:

Coming with a 5.8-inch display, the Galaxy A10e is an entry-phone, even by Samsung standards. This large display lets you view your photos, videos, and applications in a much bigger size than the smaller phones.

This totally depends on your preference, you may be someone who likes smaller phones better or you love the extra screen size on this phone but aside from that, the pixel density on this phone is so great, you love the display quality.

Samsung Galaxy A10e

It is so rich in colors and contrast, with warm and natural colors. The new Exynos 7884 processor makes the phone faster and lets you surf the internet, go through your applications. And get done what you need in such a lesser time than all those phones with lesser processing speeds.

The 2GB of RAM gives you a fast working experience and lets you do multitasking, the 32GB of expandable storage is a great amount of storage for all your data and if you have any extra files. You can always get a microSD card with extra storage.

The 3,000mAh battery lasts a great amount of time and you do not have to worry about charging your phone over and over again. With an 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front-facing camera, you get great pictures right from your phone lens and don’t have to carry an extra camera around.

The Galaxy A10e also features Android 9 Pie, with an update to Android 10 likely to happen in 2020. It is another one of the best phones you can get from TracFone

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Samsung Galaxy J2 (S260DL)

Samsung Galaxy J2 (S260DL)

Another one of Samsung’s smartest and feature-rich phones comes with a lot of new features as compared to the older phones and the capacity of the processor is great, as well.

With a 5-inch touchscreen display, you will love the quality of the pictures, videos and it will be very easy for you to read books, view articles, or just go through different applications and surf the web.

The resolution is an impressive 540 x 960 (qHD) resolution, which makes the pixel density rich enough for you to view the screen in very good quality and makes the colors very rich and concentrated, although not as good as the rest of the phones on this list.

You can easily accommodate the brightness on the phone according to your needs and if you set the automatic brightness, your phone will adjust the brightness itself according to the light in the surrounding.

Samsung Galaxy J2 (S260DL) Specs:

Also, if you want a phone which is capable of multi-tasking, then the 1.4GHz processor and the 2 GB of RAM that comes with the phone will keep your different applications and web running even if you are using quite a few at the same time.

It won’t crash if you are multi-tasking. The phone comes with Android 8.1 Oreo, which means that it will run smoothly and work reliably as you need it to.

This TracFone phone also comes with 16 GB of internal memory space, which may not be a lot of people who take extra pictures and have large files but you can always add an extra SD card for more space.

Since the operating system and the already installed applications on the phone take up to about half of the internal memory, you will have 8GB of space for pictures, music, and videos that you record.

Samsung Galaxy J2 (S260DL)

There are two cameras on this phone, which take high-quality photos. The front camera which is 5MP takes you great and attractive selfies, and it also has the option of creating wider pictures to fit in more of your friends into the selfie, which is another great feature that old phones do not come with.

The rear camera, which is how you take most of your pictures anyway, is capable of 8MP image quality, which is far too great as compared to other phone’s images in this price range.

In addition to this, the videos that are recorded with this camera are great in quality, which gives you high color density and you love the HD experience.

The phone comes with a 2600mAh battery, so it will last a good enough time for you. However, if your usage is heavy, your battery may fade quickly.

But there is an option for a battery-saving mode that is available on this phone that will control the brightness of the screen and the processing power will be reduced so that the battery can last you longer.

By far, this is one of the best phones offered by TracFone. The price range of the phone is brilliant.

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LG Stylo™ 4 LTE (LML713DL)

LG Stylo™ 4 LTE (LML713DL)

This is one of the smartphones with the best battery life and performance on the list. LG is famous for its unstoppable performance with its cameras and batteries.

The phone has a 6.2inch screen, which means a very great picture quality with a huge screen for all your visual work, which makes your images and videos pop out.

LG Stylo 4 LTE (LM713DL) Specs:

Its maximum resolution is 2160 × 1080, which makes it very high resolution, the best one on the list, and great for anyone who wants a good display phone for watching movies or surfing the web.

This phone has a fast processor with quad-core functionality, with a speed of 1.8Ghz, and it even has two gigabytes worth of RAM, which makes it a very fast-performing phone.

The LG Stylo 4 has 16GB of storage space, of which, about 10GB is available for use, which may not be enough, again, for some, but you can always solve this issue with a micro SD card.

Like most of the phones in this price range, the front has a 5MP camera, which is amazing for some attractive Instagram selfies and the back 13MP camera is much more impressive, with its high color density and natural images with focus and HD quality.

The extra features on the camera will make you love your images.

LG Stylo™ 4 LTE (LML713DL)

Your recording and playing videos will be fast and great too. The best thing about this phone is its 3300mAh battery. Such a good capacity battery is only possible in this range with a few phones, so it gives you a long talk time and surfing!

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Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Black 32GB

And of course, how could we miss the best? We saved the best for the last! Apple’s iPhone 7, which is to date one of the best cellphones that Apple has produced. It came with so many plus points and extra features that anyone with an older phone had to upgrade ahead to it.

It came as a game-changer for the Apple phone, with its greater battery life and great picture quality, it became one of Apple’s most famous phones within months of release.

Apple iPhone 7 Specs:

One of its flaws is that it lacks a headphone jack and you have to make use of the charging port for the headphone jack, which is okay if you use Bluetooth headphones, but no so okay if you are a wired headphones person. But the 4.7-inch display is great for anyone who can’t keep up with the new huge cellphones.

The A10 Fusion processor is still capable of performing at its best. The battery is not just very great but it works just fine with optimal performance.

It comes in different storage options so you can choose what suits you. It has an amazing camera of 12MP rear and 7 MP front. This is one of the most amazing devices you can get for the price.

It’s a masterpiece with its picture quality and processing speed.

Apple iPhone 7

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Ending Words:

If you are a new user of Tracfone, never be confused. Our reviews will surely help you in making the best decision of selecting your smartphone. Moreover, social media platforms, particularly Facebook can keep you updated on the latest news. You can also take a guide about how data works with Tracfone. Also, enjoy the tips to activate your Tracfone.


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