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Eyeliners makes your eyes look more enhanced and beautiful and whether it’s a party or a just a normal college day you can wear your eyeliner to make your eyes look attractive .there are many different kinds of eyeliners available like gel, cake, pencil or marker eyeliner and available in all kind of colors.

You can style your eyes with many different liners but not all may suit your eye color and shape thus making them look bad instead of good.

So you must keep good care while choosing the liner for your eyes so that it benefits your reason to make them look mesmerizing.

So these are some tips you must keep in mind while choosing the Best Gel Eyeliners for your eyes.


Best Gel Eyeliner color

An important thing to consider while choosing an eyeliner is to choose a liner color that would complement your eye color, usually, black color liners go with all eye colors but for a change, if you want to get a colored liner than check with what color will enhance your eye color like if you go for reddish tones with green colored eyes or brown shaded liner with brown lenses that would give an enhanced look

Liner type:

Choosing a liner type such as gel or cake liner or a pencil eyeliner or marker is an important consideration. Keep in mind what kind of style you want to apply around eyes and how much darker shade you want for example gel liners give a darker, smoother and thicker look while applying a thin liner or just to outline a bit pencil liner would be a better choice. Also, it depends on the fact that which kind of liner you can apply easily as gel or cake liners are not easy to apply and needs practice so for beginners a pencil or pen liner is a better choice.

Waterproof liner or not:

Mostly in professional makeup, smudge-proof and waterproof is preferred so that due perspiration or any touching your liner doesn’t get smudged or wash away.

But if you are trying on a new style on your eyes and are not an expert so in that case applying a waterproof one is not a good choice as correcting it would be difficult as these liners don’t get removed easily and are 18 to 24-hour stay.


While choosing cosmetic items selecting a product whose ingredients are safe to use as per health standards is very important. You might not buy from top and expensive brands but getting a local unknown product may cause damage to your eyes so you must be very careful in that regard.


According to the frequency of the use, you must choose a cost-effective option. As for events and special occasions, a good brand liner would be a good option but buying an expensive one for daily use would cost you a fortune so considering the price and budget choose a liner of good quality.

So, if your example resembles a raccoon eye, it’s an ideal opportunity to have a go at something new.

Before the universe of interminable cosmetics audits and exercises, the best way to find your best cosmetics was verbal articulation, test technique, and great mix-up. Despite the fact that this gives us a lot of opportunities to ace the system, it’s not exactly easy to understand for the portfolio. Concerning eye shadows, there are a few sorts to browse. Regardless of whether you’re an unrestricted Glamazon or simply need something easy to put your eyes superficially, you have a selection of alternatives. Here we portray the fundamental sorts of eyeliner and the most ideal approach to apply them.

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Why Gel Eyeliner is so effective for women?

Why Gel Eyeliner is so effective for women

The eyeliner is normally the least expensive available and is anything but difficult to apply, making it reasonable for novices. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for a durable outfit, the pencil liner isn’t generally your best decision since it will in the general smear. He isn’t as brave or dull as other bruised eyes. You need to purchase a sharpener to keep it delicate (except if you need a thick line).

Bit by bit, a pencil will be retractable. Lead is milder, so it slides all the more easily and requires no honing. In any case, pen liners can likewise be smoothed by indicating a hot hairdryer the edge. The retractable liner is the most straightforward to blend in with the remainder of your eye cosmetics. Pick one of them in the event that you need to get the great look of smoky eyes.

Fluid Gel Eyeliner

Fluid eyeliner requires a firm hand and a great deal of tolerance to hit the nail on the head, so make certain to utilize cosmetics wipes on your fingertips. It is commonly bundled as a fluid arrangement as a pen or separate instrument applied to a little holder, for example, nail clean. There are likewise two kinds of tips: hair and plumes, and the second, I will be glad to brush the whole shopping center (or two) to get it. The parts of the bargains are significantly more adaptable than the eyeliner, yet the corner to corner lines of the lines effectively felt their thick lines.

The greatest thing about fluid covering is that it can turn out to be untidy, rapidly. Utilizing a pen, quills or spiked forms, it accompanies an instructive bend, however, it’s the most ideal approach to get the vibe of winged eyeliner.

Gel Eyeliner and its impact

The gel eyeliner arrives in a little bowl, which can keep going quite a while on the fluid eyeliner in the event that you give it a second thought. You can get any type of eyeliner you need by picking a corner brush of a size proper for the application. This type of eyeliner is commonly velvety, simple to apply, profoundly pigmented and accessible in an assortment of hues. Their lone downside is the way that they will in general dry out if they are not adequately appended to the top (however this can ordinarily be rectified with a couple of drops for the eyes).


Raise your hand each time you wear eyeliner, it will be recolored under your eyes toward the day’s end. So if you are new to the miracles of gel eyeliners, we will investigate the advantages of this make-up item.

Eyeliners utilize solid, quick-drying equations to make throughout the day appearances that influence the look. Either in a pot or pencil design, it is anything but difficult to apply the gel arrangement with only a single tick. Get your most loved brush or brush, contingent upon the shape you’re searching for, and make a sharp line that does not wrinkle, stain, and look smooth.

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