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Electric Dirt Bike VS Segway MiniPro

There has always been a war that goes on between hoverboards and bikes. While both of these travel gadgets are as useful and ecstatically fun, they are both meant to do a variety of different things.

Let us explore their nature in this regard, to know which one is better and more suitable for your needs!

Segway MiniPro (Hoverboard)

Segway MiniPro is a self-balancing scooter with cutting-edge innovation. With its weight less than 28 pounds, one is always astonished by the fact that an individual self-transporter gadget can be as lightweight and easy to manage.

Let us discuss the functions of this self-balancing scooter;

  • It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds, and is suitable for the kids at the age of 16 years and above.
  • Segway MiniPro cannot only cover up a distance of 14 miles on a single charge, but it can also woo you by its much simpler execution of traveling. You can easily go through airports, event congregations or even a tourist spot that is spread on a lot of space regarding distance, with this superb transportation device. You can hang out in your town, or on the premises of where you live, with the help of this device with added convenience.
  • The prescribed speed that is termed as ‘safe’ by the authorities is approximately 4.3 mph, while if you like to relish the speed feature to the optimum, you can go up to 6.2 mph.
  • If you find yourself physically fit to do so, and you have also mastered how to ride his hoverboard, you can go up to 10 mph speed as well.

It comes with Mobile App Control: When smartphones have taken over everything, we are glad to announce that they have also managed to control this vehicle as well.

You can not only have control over the pushing backward or forward of this Segway MiniPro device, but it can be controlled by your smartphone in so many ways!

  • Adjust light, color, and brightness.
  • Movement
  • Controlling the safety precautions added
  • The app can teach you short instructive tutorials that help novice riders who have just begun their journey on this device to master riding it effectively and harmlessly.

Segway mini pro has been additionally equipped with headlights and tail lights as well. These splendid light can be evident up to 15 feet away, which is pretty amazing.

These were some of the major features such as design, speed, mileage and additional equipment of Segway mini pro described briefly. Let us move on next to describe electric dirt bikes remotely!

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Electric Dirt Bike VS Segway MiniPro

The Dirt Bike is designed especially to cruise efficiently on terrain and rough roads. These are two-wheeled, almost looking like an average scooter.


Different electric dirt bikes for kids, come with different speed limits. While they can be as low as six mph, some can go faster by 35 mph, depending on what maximum speed are they designed to be — these bikes.

These bikes are equipped with such advanced designs that any hurdle on rough unparalleled roads cannot harm or disturb your ride at all.


Electric dirt bike for kids can cover just as much range as Segway MiniPro.

They can be used to go too far off places as well, while your travel distance is slightly limited with hoverboards as you get physically fatigued by all the standing.

Some people might even experience a head rush while riding a hoverboard.


As dirt bikes are meant for riders who want to explore places that are difficult to ride on enthusiastically, they are designed differently from Segway MiniPro.

You can ride a dirt bike on both parallel and unparalleled roads, while you can only ride Segway Mini pro on straight and smooth roads. Even the slightest of bums risks you towards getting thrown off and hurting yourself.

Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter

The electric scooter has two wheels that run on the ground’s surface and is easier to balance, unlike the electric board. The scooter is similar in some ways to the skateboard while still having some differences.

  • They function similarly

Both the board and scooter function the same way. You can reach your destination without applying physical force because both mechanisms depend on the power of the battery to get them around.

  • The engines are similar

Both the engines that propel the board and scooter are identical. If they differ in any way, it is not by much. Still, regardless of the one you own, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the engine power each one possesses.

  • Names are similar

Regardless of which countries they are sold in, both the devices carry the same names. People in Asia call almost everything electric on two wheels scooter.

They call motorbikes and other bikes scooters. To make it worse, when the US launched its first set of boards, they originally called them scooters, thus, making it more difficult for people to differentiate a scooter from an air board.

  • Producers are similar

Producers are similar

The same people that produce the boards are the same ones that are providing the electronically controlled scooters, and this is making it into a bigger problem for consumers to differentiate between the two machines.

It even gets dicey when the companies creating the products are famous ones that people already have confidence in.

Now if you are comparing hoverboard with electric dirt bike is like looking for a needle in the midst of a large haystack. So to know which one to buy, it is best you go according to your preference or decide base on the one that is easier to handle.


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The conclusion is pretty simple. It depends on your needs and priorities that which gadget suits you more from among the two. If you want a stylish, sleek and attractive looking device, that also helps you look ‘cooler’ in front of your friends, Segway mini pro might do the trick for you.

While electric dirt bikes for kids can also be very trendy, you can no ride them in airports, or on long-distance indoor museums, tourist spots, malls, etc. The age limit for Segway mini pro is 16 years and above, while an electric dirt bike can come for all various ages and sizes, depending on the one you choose to buy.


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