How Segway is better than Ninebot?

Segway is superior by Ninebot only because of its handlebar.

Be versatile in living style with the most stable and sound handlebar of a MiniPro!

Segway miniPRO Handlebar

Are you afraid of balancing two-wheel electric scooters? No problem, you can easily control miniPRO with its Handlebar.

The bar has two control options. It means you can control your scooter with your hands as well as knees. Also, there is a mobile holder so you can navigate your destiny.

The handlebar is a fantastic addition. It is specially designed for people who want stability, flexibility, and manual control. Furthermore, it is easily install-able in mini S and miniPRO.

enable you to set the handlebar with its great range of adjustment for 20- 40 inches. So anyone can adjust the height according to their needs.

Let’s explore the Handlebar of segway miniPRO and mini S in detail.

Handlebar of Segway MiniPro and mini S

Handlebar of segway miniPRO and mini S

There is always an issue for the people balancing two wheels electric scooter, even in mini s and miniPRO. The Handlebar is an addition as well as the solution to balancing problems.

It gives two flexible manual controls to ride- the hand control and knee control. Because of that, there is no need to carry two handles to ride the same vehicle. It is easily convertible from hand control to knee control.

The height of the bar could be a question. Because we all have different height and it could be uncomfortable for some people. But no worries, the height is adjustable, and anyone can easily control it.

Now, you don’t need to worry about your mobile placement. The handlebar has a mobile holder to place your mobile. You can do navigation, call, or maybe a video call if you want.

The aluminum alloy used to make the Handlebar. It makes the bar durable as well as it gives a stylish look. Also, it comes in two different colors white and black.

The installation process is straightforward. You don’t need to go to any auto mechanic to do this work for you. Also, the accessory to install the Handlebar comes with it.

The advantages of Handlebar for Segway miniPRO and Mini s

Enhanced stability

There was news about crashes of self-balancing electric vehicles. These crashes happened because you need proper training to balance a two-wheeler. The Handlebar is an advantage for those people who were having trouble with self-balancing. If you are one of them? You can start riding today without any training.

Highly adjustable

Another advantage of the Handlebar is its flexibility. Thus, it is easily adjustable and goes quickly from hand control to knee control or vice versa.

Sound and Secure

With it, all rider irrespective of age are stable to ride. Everyone of any age will enjoy its superior balance and comfort for the small and long rides.

Have fun of outdoor activities with this accessory of miniPro to be safer!

The handlebar is the most needed technology in personal transportation. Now with the help of that, many people are willing to have, Segway miniPRO and mini S to ride.

How to install a handlebar on miniPro or MiniLite?

Well, it’s very easy to install. However, you can fit it perfectly on Minilite.

To be exact, it takes only 10 minutes to install just after the removal of the original bar.

Either you want to set it for the grandson or yourself, you may adjust the bar as per your need.

Well, for precise install, you may use the WD 40 while releasing the older bar and supporting the new bar.

What is the latest version of this handlebar?

Improved version of handlebar 2019 is highly valuable due to its enhanced qualities of adjustment and setting. More it’s the retractable and 2in 1kit handlebar with the most straightforward installment procedure.

What is the range of compatibility of it?

To meet your modern needs, it’s highly compatible with a variety of MiniPro. The contemporary model of 2019 handlebar is remarkable for Segway Ninebot MiniS and MiniLite. Also, you may use it for MiniPro.
So, it’s multifunctional and serves you a lot with the number of models of miniPro.


All in all, well made Segway miniPro handlebar is the best for knee control as well as handle control. No more fear of fall with its enhanced qualities of LED lights and internet facility.

Due to this handlebar, the Segway minor is the best than Ninebot.

Technology, like Handlebar, is a significant evolution. It is the need of most people who like to ride electric scooters but afraid of balancing it. Also, it not only gives a manual control but provides a fantastic look to your motorcycle. So for what are you waiting? Go ahead, buy your Handlebar, and start riding your scooter without any fear.

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