Segway Minipro 260 – A Cheap and Cheerful Model

Segway is known for its flagship model 320, which is quite “Perfect Deal” in its run. We all know the Segway MiniPro 260 model is packed with great features and fixtures. One of the main drawbacks Segway MiniPro 320 is carrying along with its name, the hefty Price tag.

When it comes to the Price tag, not everyone might go for a party.

However, Segway realized this way and launched a lighter version of the mighty star toy. The Segway MiniPro 260, carrying all the legacy and coolness of parent company, is much lighter on the pocket but bulky at the performance department.

This Device is also known as “MiniPro Lite.” The word Lite itself depicts, the traveler toy lightly scaled down (but not drenched down luckily). This Device is a bit different in style and looks to its successor model, but performance somehow does resemble.

Moving with the topic, Segway MiniPro 260 model needs more of your attention. Some features and modification to this model have talked over below:

Travel Time and Battery Life

The lithium powered battery has a quick charging interval in this model. Battery charges ‘Full’ in a short time of 3 hours, which is a great turnaround time for endless fun and rides.

As far as the travel time concerned, 260 mini Pro carries the payload for nonstop 60 Minutes.

Additionally, 236 Watt Hours of battery capacity is the finest count for this lighter version of E-Machine.

Speed and Distance Coverage

Minilite 260 model is developed to accelerate with a max speed of 10Mph. In contrast with its bigger brother, the distance range has reduced 1.5 miles, ranging now 12.5 miles. If you look around the devices of its league ranges, Segway 260 stillstands headed up with its finest miles count.

Weight Limit and Wheels

Weight Limit and Wheels

Keeping the Previous model in mind, this version of the scooter has slightly bigger tires. The model is fitted with 10.5’ pneumatic air-filled tires.

Furthermore, the vision to keep this e-scooter light-weighted, magnesium alloy frame, is the dominant player here.

The weight limit books this model in the category of Mid-range traveler. A guy with average height and physic would have uninterrupted fun on it.

Ideally, mini pro lite carries a load of 176lbs with so much ease. Nevertheless, in many scenarios, it has been seen that riders with some high weights also used it without any discomfort. Trust me; it’s sensational indeed.

Anti-theft and Graphics

Locking and anti-theft are the features that make Segway discrete from other brands. The ninebot app behaves like a master lock for your mini pro lite.

No one can harm in your absence as it gets locked with its anti-theft and trigger features. The phone app integrates with the Segway 260 via Bluetooth.

Thus, it triggers you every time whenever a mischievous attempt made to your transporter.

The Segway comes in super whitish looks rather than the beast black color.

However, it feels that the 260 model has got small size LED’s. Not a worry, these lights still give this younger Device a charismatic look in the night.

How it appeals to all of you?

Well with its improved traits it allures all of you.

  • Give you comfortable Rides
  • With a Smooth Kneebar.
  • Decorate with Better LED colors Combination
  • Being smoother on slight inclines
  • Offer affordability and have a low price tag
  • Move with Bigger Tires
  • Very much compact
  • Mile Ranges has been reduced

Will it fully useful in its components and qualities?

Indeed most of its features and qualities are very value able but also it has a few cons that need to improve.

  • A small battery, but not so.
  • Bit Low weight limit

What should be the decision?

The Segway MiniPro 260 no doubt is a trimmed version of the leading 320 models. However, we talked above; it is lowered down but not watered down totally.

Insignificant price cuts, this is the most efficient and reasonably priced model with so many excellent features and visuals.

The primary purpose of this model is to bring the people into the E-transportation domain. People who can’t bear a load of substantial price tag model. This model 260 is the most excellent choice to consider if budget is your concern.

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