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Segway MiniPro 320 – A Commute Cheat Partner

Lovely to be safe from all types of theft and risk with the remarkable functioning of Segway MiniPro 320!

Did you ever know, around 170k+ people commute every day through NYC Times Square? Perhaps, you might be one of these people. The world population is transmuting its traveling ethics. From conventional traveling to E-travelling, it’s just stylizing so rapidly.

Factually, Last year Just in Australia, there has been a 39% decline in bicycle traveling. The world is moving toward PEVs – Personal Electric Vehicle, and for this category, Segway Minipro 320 would be the first attention grabber Toy.

Segway MiniPro 320, an electric self-balancing scooter, is making its place in the computing arena.

Not everyone likes to commute regularly. This self-balancing 320 model is a perfect commute cheat partner.

Buses, cars, bikes, or cycles carry you from point x to z. MiniPro 320 squeezes you to the narrowest place, thus proficiently saving your time.

Hover-Boards Faded Away, Segway Made its Way

Most of the People judge this machine as the hoverboard. Undoubtedly, the past two years are known as the “Hoverboard Years.” Segway was acquired by the Beijing based tech firm –NineBot, in 2015. Just after a year of acquisition, Segway MiniPro, by NineBot, made its entry in the PEVs world.

MiniPro has earned its name and fame through its radical Features.

As a result, the hoverboard concept has just left behind.

Every Tech Gadget has some good and bad sides. What can we see as good and not so good at this gadget? List of Point briefly conferred below:

What Goods in MiniPro 320?


Why hoverboard’s charisma faded away just in a short spell? Catching fires and Bursting into flames were selfish reasons.

Traveler lies in the PEVs category; thus, upholds the US Quality Standard. The American testing laboratory UL has tested MiniPro. Surely, you can ride with ultimate safety standards.

Commute Cheat Partner

Being an electric scooter, one should be concerned about its working on inclined and sloppy surfaces. Segway 320 works quite overpoweringly on low sloppy heights. Considering your workspace around 5 -6 miles from your residence, Ninebot Device should be your commute alternative.

Sturdy, Tough, and Strong

Segway 320 by Ninebot ought to be with pure “future of transportation” intent. Exactly, this approximates machine sturdier, more robust, and durable for daily life commute. Segway Travel Toy device is a pool with 10″ Vacuumed Tires for better shock-absorbing aptitudes.

Drive it too tough terrains, sloppy areas, or on open carpeted roads; Model 320 won’t say ‘NO‘ to you.

Fast, Durable, and Light Weight

Keeping the performance in priority, the frame of MiniPro has built with aluminum instead of steel. This frame quality drops its weight and doesn’t put an extra burden on its battery so you can enjoy faster speed and most extended ranges.

As far as its scope is to know it ranges 14miles max with a speed of 10mph. Hence, when commuting doesn’t make you to the destination, it surely does on time.

Anti-Theft and Locking

While you are at a picnic with family or having a get-together with the buddies, the Nine Bot app makes surefire it shields the scooter in your absence. Segway 320 is synced with the Ninebot App, allows you to lock the bike when not in use or at a charge. The app also put Triggers option to its feature list, assuredly a much better addition to its anti-theft capabilities.

Looks, Graphic, and Aesthetics

Accurately, the ‘Scooter’ word doesn’t represent a handsome and stud class. Slightly, its graphics and LED’s style would unorthodoxly impact the mind of bad boys.

MiniPro has packed with the most exceptional customized LED features. Turn the LED color of your choice through the app. The LED’s helps you to maneuver safely at night and give this ride like a beast look.

Select the LED’s into Red Color in the darkest area and see everyone’s jaw-dropping face with its looks.

Easy To Maneuver

Not everyone is pro at riding such devices. Being a beginner or new user, you will get used to it quickly. Ninebot app helps you to control this equipment in the best approach. Flapping arms, shaking legs, and delicate balance, it just a matter of some minutes.

The rider will become adaptive in a short period and rides. There is “Beginner Mode” in the NineBot app, which restricts you from riding at 1KM speed at your First Experience.

How it may pain you along with enhanced quality?

Correctly with its positivity, there are a few bad kinds of stuff about it but these are suppressed by its worth.

Bit Expensive

With a price tag of 600+ $$, it may not be the lightest thing on your wallet. The price tag makes it a bit expensive and leads towards a mood swing.

Weight and Height Specific

It would be displeasure when your kid’s figure doesn’t comply with its usage policy. The rider should be at least 4″ 3′ at height and weight ranges between 80lbs to 220 lbs. However, it might not be a Christmas or birthday gift for your kids. Frustrating!!

Not Portable at all places

Since its launch, MiniPro 320 has always marketed as a “Not a Hover-Board” thing. Sadly, we have many cases of the hoverboard explosion, which lead to the news. This impact somehow is still affecting the Segway repo.

You can’t make it with you on buses and metros. There is a prohibition to travel with it, as people still don’t make it differently from Hover-boards. This device is no doubt a disappointment which is not in anyone’s control.

Awkwardly Positioned Knee Lever

The Knee lever is one of the components which make it distinct to hoverboards. This lever somehow helps you to keep your body intact with the miniPro.

Unfortunately, this is a little bit stiff positioned, which causes pain to knees.

Daily riding and maneuvering much can make you feel a dull pain to the sides of your knees.

So what should be the Decision?

Along with its ups and downs, this electric toy is full of fun rides.

Indeed, nothing in this world happens to be a “Perfect” thing, but this gadget will categorically value your money.


  • It’s easy to move
  • Lovely for daily refreshment in the nearby streets and narrow areas
  • With the best stability
  • Contain Vacuum tires
  • Simple to carry
  • Useful for younger and adults altogether with adjustable bar

These were some insights that have been put together to give you a little understanding.

Nonetheless, you can’t judge a thing until you don’t experience it.

Segway miniPro 320 will surely keep your eyebrows up.

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