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Segway miniPro

Segway MiniPro Description

The MiniPro is not a hoverboard—it’s the next step in the development of individual transportation. Due to Ninebot technology, the miniPRO is a hands-free Smart Self Balancing Transporter which is consists on two wheels with safer features.

It has higher speed, and longer battery life. The Segway miniPro is built to easily pass through a variety of indoor and outdoor areas. Several transporters, including hoverboards, have earned a status as fire hazards.

Product Name: Segway miniPro
Brand: Segway
Weight: 28 lbs
Wheel Size: 10.5 inch
Max Load: 220 lbs
Features: UL 2272 Certified, Dual Motor Engine, Mobile App Control, Anti-theft alarm and Speed Control

Segway miniPRO Review

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Reliable Safety for day & Night Riding

The Segway miniPRO is designed to work effectively in ambient-light surroundings. Day or Night, automatic headlights and LED taillight will light your way and make you able to be seen to others. The lights are customizable.

You can adjust headlight intensity up to five meters, and choose from more than 16 million taillight color options. Sigway and Ninbot have designed a light scheme that perfectly combines safety and visual appeal.

Well to ride along the street for the better walk up is more comfortable than before. To travel in fresh air without the enclosed type vehicle is quite interesting and courageous. Well, its compatible to pass through numbers of indoor & outdoor areas.

Either you want to use it in the day or night it will fulfill your desire to ride to the level that excites you more. Also, its stable balance and latest tech stand it alone in its kind. Besides, it’s reliable and functional on different passages for its drive.

No matter you are the newbie to use it. However, its excellent grip and smooth journey let you ride fearlessly. To be sure it’s USEFUL for everyone from the 16 -60 years.

The Power of the Segway miniPRO




*Max battery range dependent on weight of rider, degree of incline for riding surface, and average speed of travel.


Want to enjoy the easier go experience with uniqueness? Or   if you’re going to have the hands-free ride with great efficacy then definitely Segway MiniPro will be the right choice for you. However, this unique and innovative smart self Balancing Transporter has made your traveling trouble-free and inimitable.

Segway mini pro encompasses the features that not only make your rides secure but straightforward too with its safer attribute as the personal transport regardless of being hands-free.


Segway miniPRO Review

& Features


The Best Hoverboard Elegant Design

Indeed its design is so unique in its simplicity that works accurately in light and dark. However, its customizable lights will help you to see the others. Even from the far longer distances, you may see clearly through of the best hoverboard automatic LED taillight. Read Quick Start Guide Here.

To be sure you will be surprised to know that you may select further than 16 million color pattern. Plus its headlight adds to its beauty as well as functionality.


Simple to use

Surprisingly its friendly to use. No long hours of practice are needed. Have fun with it! Enjoy outdoor as well as indoor tours with this little and remarkable smart self Balancing Transporter. Check here for User Manual.


Appropriate balance

Stability and balancing is the most striking feature of it. Though its hand free but in its equilibrium its outstanding. For this purpose it contains the précised sensors. However their remarkable sensations neither miss the tiny body movement nor the stability at all. So, it is capable to run your voyage effortlessly.


Knee control bar

Well no need to spend days or weeks to practice it. Currently you can use it straightforwardly with the SHORT RIDING LESSON. Best of all its features its modern knee control bar let you go with the simple plan with impressive accuracy. No to & for movements straight and fully balanced changes that you would not experience before.


Automatic light system

Mini pro has built-in features of the scooter, adjustable lights and color combinations as well as improved safety qualities. New in it is its anti-theft alarm! Amazingly this alarm used to produce your phone alert in case of robbery. Means if someone tends to shift your scooter secretly then its enhanced anti-theft alarm does not let it happen.


Dual Motor Engine

Are you worried about the road barriers? Do not be at all. Humps & slopes are no extra obstacles for it because it has DUAL MOTOR Engine for efficient performance. Also, its 10.5 vacuum tires make your track smooth and clear to your destination. Great mini pro! New about its engine is the 3.5-inch framework that tackles all the bumps & shakes to the comfortable ride.

Enjoy all road journeys fearlessly!



Durability is the key to its success. For this reason alloys of magnesium & aluminum along titanium erect its strong main body. Additionally, carbon fiber yet makes it’s extra robust and sturdy.

Wow, its metals are same as that of space shuttles and aircraft!

The excellent body of such little scooter to meet all roads’ demands!



Even to carry it everywhere is not the problem at all. Likewise, you can take it with yourself to long journeys as its general size and simple assembling support you in the odd situations. Plus it’s not too much heavy to carry on in your luggage.

Rest with this convenient transport.


Flexible storage capacity

Additionally, if you need the storage with this accessible transportation, you may isolate the knee control bar. While removing knee bar from this scooter, you get the ample room to keep your luggage with ease. What a complete set for the tour?!


Unique Self Balancing Transporter

Being stylish and ergonomic it proves to be one of the FINEST mini pro scooters. For better turning and manipulation it has the knee control pad. Additionally, adjustable height fulfills all the necessary elements for the riders apart from their experience. In its making PU foam is used to assure you comfort for the LONG rides. With its powerful grip, you could not be away from the ease of safe and comfy drive.


Powerful battery

To empower you for consecutive outing it contains the battery of 800watt. Along with a high-performance engine, it runs very well. To be speedy with it is no further the fantasy. Surprisingly it runs faster with 10Mph. Read More about Warranty here.

Also, its battery range depends on your weight for its efficiency. As much your weight; the lesser will be its battery range. Similarly degree of incline for the riding surface and average speed of the travel depends on rider’s weight.

Segway MiniPro Lifestyle


  • Well-designed, lightweight magnesium alloy frame.
  • Have higher stability.
  • Allow you balance & smooth ride
  • Durable making, it is by far the best option!
  • Its dual motor engine provides power of 1600 Watts in order

to reach the top speed and make up for distances travelled.

  • Flexible for manipulation
  • With anti-theft alarm
  • Segway MiniPro is also Portable


  • The only thing that we found irritating about the Segway Mini pro was the feature that force brakes when you reach the speed limit of 10 mph. This unit would have had no problem going 15 mph or even faster but this is probably a lawsuit issue that they are trying to fend off.
  • Cannot be used for long rides.


Summary of specifications

  • Contain automatic headlights and LED taillight
  • Have the lock system
  • High-performance engine
  • Endow 800 battery range
  • Fast speed -10Mph
  • Possess 3.5-inch framework
  • Removable knee control bar
  • For precise movements have exactitude sensors
  • Along 10.5 vacuum tires
  • The main body consists of the alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and titanium along the carbon fiber


After reading Segway miniPro Review, you may satisfy to buy it right now. We can say Segway miniPro is the IDEAL for rides. Either you are a teenager or an adult you can use it to lessen your distances uniquely. Its speed and functionality will satisfy your pleasures. Instead, you want to move fast in your college or many open-air markets or outside your house –entire will be understandable for you with this versatile product. Why not you try it? Read FAQ here.

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