What should I look for When Buying a Vlogging Camera?

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Vlogging is a term that is used when a person tries to share his daily life activities through a video.

In the past few years, vlogging has become very popular amongst the masses but still, most of the population has no idea what vlogging is. When we talk about a vlog just think of a shorter version of a blog video.

If a person says that they are a vlogger or they make blogs it means that they make short videos of their daily lives. Vlogging has become very popular in the past few years and currently, it’s still growing and has not looked back.

Now let’s talk about what makes the Best vlogging camera, what features are required for vlogging.

What makes a good camera?

What makes a good camera

When you are looking for a blogging camera there are a lot of very important features that you must look into before you buy a camera.

We all know that most blogging cameras are for a close-up shot, you would not need to worry about the zoom feature when you are searching for a blogging camera. You would not be needing the flash either because when you are following you would not be using it very much.

You can also even ignore megapixels in a camera because they are only necessary for photos but not in videos. When you are searching for a blogging camera you need to have a close eye on a low-light-forming camera.

While you are vlogging the low light performance feature is of great importance because the chances are when you are logging you would not be able to control the light so you will need a camera that can adapt to different situations easily.


The following are the features that are necessary for a vlogging camera.

  • Lens:

The lens of a camera is a feature that is very important in a camera. The quality of a lens matters a lot if it has a wide aperture. A wide aperture allows the lens to capture more light compared to a camera with a low aperture lens.

A wide aperture lens is very important while taking aesthetic shorts while making any blog and it also provides you with the opportunity to achieve a Blurred background effect in your blogs.

Some of the finest 50mm lenses have an f/1.8 aperture. The noise produced by the camera at a greater ISO setting also has an effect on the performance in low light conditions.

  • Autofocus:


Since we all know while vlogging usually the vlogger is not behind the camera but actually he is informed of the camera holding the camera to his face because of which they are not able to monitor the focus of the lens.

This is the very reason a person while purchasing a vlogging camera should make sure that that camera has an autofocus feature. Which will enable them how to easily make videos of themselves without having to worry about being blood out of a camera.

  • Sensor:

When you are searching for a camera you must keep in mind that you have to make sure that the camera has a sensor and not just a sensor you must make sure that the sensor size is of the right size. Larger sensor sizes will enable you to capture more light which is necessary for video making.

The type of camera that you purchase will have an effect on the sensor size because each camera has a different sensor and the sizes vary as well.

  • Stabilization:

Before you get yourself a camera first you will have to look into it and make sure that it has optical image stabilization. Even though this is not a very necessary feature for a camera, it is highly recommended. It allows you to record better videos while in motion.

While vlogging you will be constantly moving around so if your camera has better optical image stabilization your videos will be clearer to the audience and they will be enjoyed by them easily.

  • Battery Life:

If you are a person that is always making videos such as a blogger you will need to make videos for a very long time which can be for hours and on. Everything cannot be done in one single recording. You will have to constantly turn off the camera and then turn it on because this constant turning on and off drains the battery very fast.

As a blogger, you will need to have better battery life for your camera so that you can make videos without any fear of the battery dying out on you. You would want a camera with the ability to change batteries. You must always have two or three spare batteries that you can change if one battery dies.

  • Wi-Fi:

Today in our Modern Times our cameras are so advanced that they also have a Wi-Fi feature. The Wi-Fi feature is a very useful feature to have any camera and it is a must-have. You will need to film and upload your videos constantly and you will not have your laptop at all times.

If you have a camera that has built-in Wi-Fi you can easily upload all your videos directly to your social media platform. The Wi-Fi feature will be very useful to you if you intend on uploading your videos to YouTube.

  • Microphone Input:

There are a lot of people that will put low-quality microphones for a video which will, as a result, produce a very low sound quality that cannot be tolerated by the viewers. If you want to be a successful video creator for a blogger you will need to have a high-quality microphone input device that will help you film your videos with the best quality sound.

As a vlogger, you must concentrate on the audio quality of your video as it is the most important part of vlogging with video quality coming as the second. To get the best quality sound you should try a camera that has a microphone input device bus stop but most compact cameras do not come with a microphone device because generally it is considered a premium feature.

You should look for a camera that is able to accept and input microphone devices from an external source search. A device will greatly enhance your videos because it will provide a very high-quality sound.

If you are not able to find a camera that has an input for an external microphone you should then find out the position of the camera’s built-in microphone. When you turn around the camera to film your videos it will capture your face and will absorb all of the sounds possible if a microphone is located on the side of a camera then it can cause some troubles for you because it will not only e record your sound but also the sound of everyone around you which may cause some hurdles for your viewer.

Also, another draw of having your microphone input to the side of the camera is that you may accidentally cover your microphone with your fingers which may prevent it from recording your sound properly.

Microphone Input

  • 4k videos:

The question may arise that is 4k a video important. The answer to this question depends even on these days most bloggers will record and upload a video in HD rather than 4K. But we would be happier with a little more future-proofing and 4K does the job and offer us more scope for or editing and cropping our videos.

  • LCD Screen:

This feature is a very important feature for a blogger. It can be used to see yourself while making a video of yourself. For normal video-making content, it would not seem that much useful to flip the LCD screen towards yourself but it is a very e necessary and important feature while making vlogs.

What you should know while buying a vlogging camera

First, when you start making videos there are a few questions that you have to ask before you buy yourself a camera. For example, if you are planning to make vlogs about cooking tutorials for action videos most of your videos will need food colors and sharpness and the best cameras for such requirements are DSLR.

You will see that most of the beauty vloggers are using a very high-quality DSLR camera because a DSLR camera offers sharpness and good quality colors full stop. It is also very useful to know how long your average video will be because you will need to get yourself their batteries as well. Some people will make videos that are about 60 minutes or even hours long while other people may shoot videos that are of a very smaller duration such as 10 minutes.


Before you head out to get yourself a camera from the market you should have a clear idea of your budget as well you will need to get yourself the best camera with the best features in your budget to meet all your requirements and needs. There are loads of cameras that cost around $200 to $300 but they might not be of the highest quality E for your need.

If you are serious about having a video-making career there is a very high chance that you will need to upgrade from one camera to another in the future. First bi starting off with a low-quality camera you will lose most of the money spent on the camera when you decide to upgrade.

It is a much better idea that you purchase yourself the best video camera there that you can afford so that you don’t lose any money in the future. But you should keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with starting out with low quality or a cheaper camera because we all start somewhere.

You will come to know that initially, you will use most of your money e purchasing your first camera but you should make sure that you purchase the right camera for yourself that you don’t regret it in the future. The kind of camera that is very important in such a field.


These days cameras have become very popular among the people and it has grown so popular that it is showing signs of no slowing down at all in the future. If you want to become a successful blogger or content creator you will need to have the right camera and gear to do all those things you will need to have good content in order to build your audience and in order to have good content you will have to have the right shipment to make such content that will attract audiences.

It does not matter if you have experience or not but what matters is your constant ability to work hard and achieve your goals. You will have no problem finding a great camera for yourself from the above list. You can use that camera to make your own videos and post them on the internet. Other people confuse them and appreciate your content and as a result, you will gain more and more views along with it.

Even though most people will tell you that such a field is only reserved for rich and famous people which is not true, any person can make a video and post it on the Internet and become famous, however, you need the right camera for self-start to create your own videos and tell your own unique story to the people around the world.

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